Check out our new mini photo session of a hockey puck on an ice rink. It is a bit time consuming because you have to wait until everything freezes, but it's very easy and cheap DIY session.

First things first - you obviously need a hockey puck. To make the ice rink we used white plastic serving tray, filled it with water and waited until it freezes in the freezer. The next day we took the first set of photos, then we painted red line on the ice and put it back to the freezer.

After 24 hours we covered the rink with a very thin layer of water and put it back to freeze again - we wanted to achieve this effect of the line being under the ice. Finally the next day we had our rink with a line ready and we could start photographing. We also used a knife to make gouges that look like skating marks.

Our source of light was nothing but a large window, but for some photos we used a small desk lamp with a white light bulb.

Photos are now available at Piviso, free for commercial use, no attribution required. Also watch the video above to see how you can add something little extra to this kind of photos.

Music used in this video: Hanging On, available for free at Piviso.