We already wrote a little bit about creating flying food photos here and we promised to do more, so here we are with a slightly different approach. Last time we used mostly metal skewers attached to the scene floor to hang object in the air, but this method didn't work for salad session, because we were dealing with a lot of delicate objects.

First, we created a wooden frame, then we threaded the vegetables on the black sewing thread and tied them level by level to the frame. After final adjustments, we sprayed vegetables to make them more shiny. Finally we took some photos and imported them into Photoshop.

We use three methods alternately to clean images: Content-Aware Fill, Clone Stamp Tool and Spot Healing Brush Tool. Check out our making of video below (retouching process included). You'll probably notice a wooden table in the video, but black on the photos - well, we switched table top later for better effect. Photos are now available at Piviso, free for commercial use, no attribution required. Music used in this video: Desert Shores, also available free at Piviso.