Best Lawn Mowers For Hills – Reviews

If you are a keen gardener, perhaps you want to keep your own lawn looking tidy and tidy, or maybe you do it for a living, you necessarily have a lawn mower that can handle hills, from gentle slopes to steep slopes. Despite the mindset of many conspiracy theorists around the world, the earth is not flat, and there will be times when you have to mow grass on a hill. Here, we take a look at some of the best lawn mowers on the market for hills.

A Comparison of Our Favorite Products

Image Product Details
Best Overall
Anker Soundcore Flare Craftsman M215 159cc
  • Powerful gas engine
  • Unit has side discharge
  • Move around your yard with less effort
  • Second place
    Anker Soundcore Flare Lawn-Boy 17732
  • Rear Wheel Drive System
  • 2-Point Height-of-Cut System
  • CARB Compliant
  • 3 year Tru-Start Commitment
  • Best Value
    Third place
    Anker Soundcore Flare Snapper XD SXDWM82K Cordless Mower
  • Up to 90-minute run time
  • 21-Inch Steel mowing deck
  • Intelligent load-sensing technology
  • Push button start and a single lever
  • Anker Soundcore Flare GREENWORKS PRO 21″ 80V
  • 6 height adjustments
  • Same battery, expandable power
  • Full-bag indicator
  • Anker Soundcore Flare EGO POWER+ LM2000-S
  • Battery and Charger Not Included
  • True 3-In-1 Function
  • 20″ Cut Capacity
  • Folds quickly and easily for compact
  • Anker Soundcore Flare Great States 815-18
  • Quick, adjustable cutting height
  • Made of quality alloy steel
  • Loop-style handle
  • Clean and quiet
  • Buying Guides

    What should you look for in a hill lawn mower?

    First of all, check the weight. You don’t want to have to push or chase something heavier than the regular family car. The purely light weight is the road ahead for the hills. Self-propelled cars are usually better for this type of lawn mowing, depending on the size of the area to be mowed, as well as rear-wheel drive cars, to give you more control and maneuverability and save time. space.

    When it comes to wheels, you want wheels that are firm and have good grip. Think about what you want in a drive up and down steep hills – and apply that to your lawn mower.

    You may also want to consider lawn mowers with an adjustable blade height. This allows you to adjust the cutting height to suit the terrain and the type of grass you are cutting. It’s also useful for mowing the lawn at an angle – ideal when it comes to hills.

    Self-propelled versus ride

    When it comes to a hill, autonomous vehicles are often the best option. They reach speeds of about 3-5 miles per hour and are available in gas and electric powered. Walking on lawn mowers is obviously better for large spaces, but these should only be operated by someone who knows exactly what they are doing, in order to avoid any serious accidents.

    The top lawn mowers For Under $300

    Before buying the best hill lawn mower for your needs, it’s important to take into account a range of factors, such as size, engine power, and overall safety. Here in this post, I’ll assist you in choosing the best lawn mower for steep, durable, easy-to-move and reasonably priced ramps. Today, I will be sharing a few tips and specs for a hill-friendly lawn mower on how to safely mow the lawn on a slope. Read on if you’re ready to conquer your bumpy yard or lawn with the best hill-slitting machine.

    1. Craftsman M215 159cc

    Craftsman is a famous brand that manufactures lawn mowers, garden equipment and other tools for yard and garden. They have an excellent reputation for quality and value, so it’s always on the list.

    It’s agile and easy to navigate and snappy, with a 159cc petrol engine. This is a clover mower with a rear exhaust, side exhaust and a overlay feature. It’s easy to start with a jerky start with automatic shutoff.

    Craftsman M215 is self-propelled and front-wheel drive, with variable speed feature. It has six different height features, adjustable simply with the lever.

    In terms of size, it’s relatively light – weighing 83lbs with 21-inch trim floors. The front wheel is seven inches, and the rear wheel is 11 inches, making it easy to maneuver. The strength-to-weight ratio is good and more than enough for medium to large lawns.

    • Durable
    • Light and easy to maneuver
    • Run quietly
    • Low maintenance, hence low costs
    • Twigs will jam it

    2. Lawn-Boy 17732

    As we mentioned above, rear-wheel drive is the best lawn mower available on hilly lawns, for added traction, and the Lawn-Boy 17732 fits this criterion. It’s also self-propelled, so there’s no need to manually push it up and down steep and steep hills. All you need to do is gently guide the machine – the rest will help!

    It has a 149cc Kohler engine that powers 21 cutting decks. It also features three-layer cutting technology, making it perfect for coatings. It features a two-point height system that allows you to change the cutting height quickly and easily.

    The great thing about this cheap petrol-powered lawn mower is that it comes with a huge bag. It also requires very little in terms of maintenance – not even an oil change, making it a great option for novices or those who don’t want any more trouble than necessary.

    • A relatively big tank
    • Light and easy to maneuver on hills
    • Great handle
    • Perfect for awkward spaces
    • Struggles slightly with taller, thicker grass
    • Narrower cutting width

    3. Snapper XD SXDWM82K Cordless Mower

    If you want a battery-powered mower with enough power to comfortably handle even the steepest hills then there’s no choice but the Snapper XD SXDWM82K – a great mower by all standards.

    This is an 82V battery-powered lawn mower. It has a cut width of 21 inches and a cut height adjustment of 7 positions.

    You’ll get up to 45 minutes of runtime from a fully charged 2Ah battery, and about 30 minutes to fully charge it. It weighs 74 lbs, has 8-inch front and 10-inch rear wheels, comes with a five-year product warranty and a two-year battery warranty.

    It is easy to push and really well built. It has the power of a gasoline-powered lawn mower without smoke, noise, crashes, and more. This is complete quality and one of the best hill mowers you will ever see.

    • Brushless motor means it powers up hills
    • Great batteries
    • Top notch build
    • Cuts beautifully
    • Replacement batteries are expensive

    4. GREENWORKS PRO 21″ 80V

    After testing and evaluating dozens of high-slope lawnmowers, I can say that the GreenWorks Pro is the best self-propelled hill mower on the market. Top features, easy operation, extremely powerful, durable, long lasting and quiet, this lawn mower beast might be exactly what you need. And it won’t take up too much storage space in your warehouse.

    This smooth hillside mower is made for easy handling and a long service life. It’s lightweight, easy to turn around, and bag changes are also incredibly easy. Little or no maintenance, no gasoline or oil, no smoke, stable battery life – and the perks don’t end there. GreenWorks Pro is so easy to operate that my grandmother can do it too!

    While using this lawn mower, you will still hear birds singing in your garden, and the only thing that will make you cough will be pollen, not fatigue. The storage machine is very unique, especially compared to a lawn mower. And the only maintenance needed is sharpening the blade regularly (once per season is more than enough).

    Of course, if you’re looking for the cheapest option possible, refuel. But if you need the very best electric hill mower, then the GreenWorks Pro 80V MO80L510 21-Inch Self-propelled Lawn mower can perfectly suit your needs. So, if you are fed up with your old, heavy, loud, smelly and annoying lawn mowers, consider buying GreenWorks Pro. It’s a game changer.

    • Powerful and durable
    • Easy to install and move around
    • Cordless, self-propelled, quiet, and cuts very well
    • Compact storage
    • Plastic handles on the height adjusters

    5. EGO POWER+ LM2000-S

    EGO Power LM2000 is known for its perfect efficiency and excellent cutting quality. Even if you need to groom lush lawns, this monster keeps your lawn looking pristine. It handles thick grass impressively well. You can choose from 5 available cut settings – and change them within seconds.

    With the push of a button that wakes up the machine almost instantly, this hill-mower is especially reliable. The EGO Power LM2000 is so easy to maneuver that it often seems to glide instead of rolling. Its weatherproof 20-inch deck is made to cut the best green growth possible during battery charging.

    This is a family lawn mower, which means my grandmother will easily catch this beast. The EGO Power LM2000 comes with another great benefit – convenient vertical storage and space saving. In addition to all this, the model’s LED headlights let you mow the lawn after sunset when it’s not too hot outside.

    The EGO Power LM2000 model isn’t the cheapest option in the field. However, if you’re aiming to stay away from your old, noisy gas-powered guy while still getting the most out of great performance, then this lawn mower is worth considering. Using the EGO Power LM2000 is almost like vacuuming a lawn!

    • Excellent cutting quality
    • The battery holds its charge very well
    • Lightweight and quiet
    • Cost-effective and reliable
    • A bit on the expensive side, but worth every penny

    6. Great States 815-18

    This Great States roll lawn mower is the most effective popular pattern on lawns of modest to larger sizes. It flaunts classic design, but the focus is on its performance. With an exceptionally sharp blade and long lasting heat treatment, the lawn mower easily delivers high-quality, precise cuts.

    In general, operating this lawn mower is as easy as eating a cake. However, if your grass is out of control, then you may have to push and pull pretty much to make the whole look good. And don’t forget to make sure there are no twigs or twigs in your yard before mowing the lawn.

    This Great States roll cutter is not a miracle worker, so your expectations for this baby shouldn’t be set too high. But this manual lawn mower does a very good job and provides an exercise to your core. Well built, super simple to push, pretty light, this lawn mower stands out for performance. And you can hang it on the wall in your garage when not in use.

    Overall, the Great States 815-18 makes lawn mowing a more enjoyable and less laborious experience. So if you get tired of mower failures, endless fuel and smoke buying trips, consider buying this amazing push breaker. And the Great States 815-18 is by the way a lawn mower suitable for steep hills.

    • Compact, lightweight, and environmentally-friendly
    • Made of durable materials
    • Zero maintenance
    • Isn’t always great at dealing with thick weeds

    Final Thoughts

    A well-maintained lawn is an indispensable part of a home that looks good and has many attractive curbs. It’s not hard to do if you have a flat lawn, but if you have to deal with hills and uneven terrain, there are additional challenges involved. It’s important to read the reviews and choose the one that’s right for you. Consider the size of your garden, your physical limitations and the features that are important to you.

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